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  • Provisional program and time schedule_IME-2014, Besançon

    The Executive Committee has designed a very original and innovative program which will associate, for each scientific session:

    1/ a “key-note lecture”, on the state-of-the-art on the topic of the session, with the most exciting innovative work performed in the recent years in echinococcosis research;

    2/ “free” oral communications selected among the abstracts sent by colleagues all over the world;

    3/ a “prospective view”, by a highly recognized scientist who will be asked to show applications of research in another domain (cancer, other infectious diseases, inflammatory/immunological diseases…) on the topic of the session.

    Last afternoon will be dedicated to a multidisciplinary round-table:  ‘Where do we go and what do we need for the optimal management of echinococcosis patients?’

    Thursday afternoon will combine the discovery of Echinococcus multilocularis-preferred living areas at the French-Swiss border and that of Courbet’s birth place museum in Ornans. Please note that registration fees include this visit as well as coffee breaks, lunches, and gala dinner at the ‘Grange Grillard’ in the middle of the Jura vineyard.

    DateSessionPeriodSub-sessionState of the artFree oral communication session Prospective view
    27/03/2014New tools for patient diagnosis and follow-upmorning
    ImagingLiu Wenya, Urumqi, Chinaoral communications (selected on abstract)Seimbille Yann (Geneva, Switzerland)
    Biological toolsGottstein Bruno
    ( Bern Switzerland)
    oral communications (selected on abstract)Jia Li (London, UK)
    28/03/2014 Morning
    8:00 – 9:00
    WHO- IWGE meeting Craig Phil, UK
    Kern Peter, Germany
    Adela-Ridder Bernadette, Switzerland
    New tools for epidemiology and prevention
    Biological tools, data collection, management and modelingRömig Thomas
    (Stuttgart-Hohenheim, Germany)
    oral communications (selected on abstract)Semenza Jan (European CDC, Stockholm)
    afternoonField session   
    eveningGala diner   
    29/03/2014New tools for treatmentmorning
    Innovative interventions: radiotherapy, radiofrequency, thermotherapy, innovations in surgery Brunetti Enrico
    (Pavia, Italy)
     oral communications (selected on abstract)Fumoleau Pierre (Dijon)
    Alternatives to benzimidazolesHemphill Andrew
    (Bern, Switzerland)
    Round table: Where do we go and what do we need for the optimal management of echinococcosis patientsBresson-Hadni Solange; Junghanss Thomas; Wen Hao; Benazzouz Mustapha; Gottstein Bruno  

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